Our Story

For almost three decades we have been supplying some of the finest restaurants and supermarkets throughout Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York State with the highest quality seafood direct from the historic Boston Fish Pier. We have maintained our high quality standards by purchasing from some of the most reputable fish and shellfish dealers in the Northeast. Our staff is passionate about seafood and takes pride in every aspect of the business from procurement to shipping and everything in between. From a small refrigerated van to a fleet of state of the art delivery trucks, our business has grown to be a staple in our small community and a well-known name in the seafood industry.


Our exceptional staff in wholesale and retail amount to nearly 100 years expertise in the seafood industry. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff utilizes those years of experience to ensure that Earth & Sea is providing the highest quality customer service and product in all aspects whether it be wholesale, retail or delivery. We are a team, we are Earth & Sea, a Quality Fish Market.